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It's lonely at the top - a business coach can help

At Minutecoach we know it can be lonely getting there, when the gloss of a new business or a role has worn and demands of the day compress your creativity and spirit. Our business coaching removes the isolation that breaks businesses.

If a business is doing well, it doesn't necessarily follow that its people are too. A full order book can provide as many challenges as an empty one as long hours, late working, inefficiency and exhaustion take their toll from people too busy to take care of themselves. Our business coaching helps you realign your business.

When a business or career isn't doing so well, how do you express your concerns, and who to? The relationships you have in place expect certainty, a positive outlook, determined action... Our business coaching gives you the perfect place to spill it all out safely to regroup, reorder, and redouble.

Minutecoach pours creativity and solutions into your business, structured around your personal strengths and capabilities, building natural resilience and flexibility into what you do, making your business life fun again.

New Age life coach.

Hardly. Minutecoach isn'™t expecting sudden shifts and sesame shirts and we can never remember mantras. We do know great life coaches if you need them.

Business Consultant.

Nope. We'™re '˜hands on' your problems, 'hands off'™ your budget and provide our systems for free. We know great consultants that you don'™t need.


Hmmm. We use big ticket techniques and clear thinking to save you time and increase the quality of your business. We use time to create opportunity. Your opportunity. Make money. Save money. Save a marriage. Live your life.

Minutecoach Business Coaching
Bottom Cottage, Ballinger, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, HP16 9LF Business Coaching in Amersham, Chesham, High Wycombe, Aylesbury, Beaconsfield, London and elsewhere by phone.
Minutecoach Limited, Company registration number: 6607618 VAT registration number: 942 8411 21

Coaching and advice by phone, online and in person. Business owners, small companies, multi-million pound plcs*, executives, industry professionals, engineers, teachers, coaches, project managers, publishers, portrait painters and retailers; all current clients.

*Corporate business relies on personal grace and favour to oil business processes, but currently grace and favour is reserved for personal protection. There's as much sand in the gears of bigger businesses as there is in the small business sector.

There's a lot of help available to start a business or start a new role in a business.

But at around 20-30 months it can feel very lonely, whether a storming success or weathering the storm.

Minutecoach re-energises you. For recovery, growth or confidence to let go of restrictions, you need to speak to someone.

We chat. It seems unstructured.

It isn'™t. We'™re working out what you need and where we and others can help you.

We report. It appears structured.

It is. You can chop it up, take what you want and leave what you don't. It won't fall apart.

All change. Minute by minute.

We expect you to be distracted, conflicted and pressured. Stop. Start. Start stopping.

Find Yourself.

  • bursting with ideas unable to choose
  • in the office late wish I were home
  • at home wishing I had an office
  • travelling too much
  • not getting out enough
  • loathing peter, hating paul
  • pedalling like mad, getting nowhere
  • back-pedalling like crazy having gone too far
  • wanting to go away
  • wanting it (um, whatever it is) to go away.

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