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In terms of our own Local Inter­net Mar­ket­ing it’s been just about a week since we started the PlaceMe! ser­vice, which is designed to get that phone to ring with enquiries. Already, we can see some inter­est­ing stuff going on. For instance, as part of the process we ask who your near­est com­peti­tors are, but when we go look we’re find­ing that often the com­pe­ti­tion isn’t who you think it is.

Your com­pe­ti­tion isn’t always who you think it is, espe­cially if you’ve put your­self in the wrong race

We’re putting this down partly to how peo­ple imag­ine them­selves and their ser­vices as they look out for prospects, rather than stand­ing in the shoes of those ‘prospects’ look­ing in to see how they and they prod­ucts are per­ceived. It’s a prob­lem we’re fixing.

We’re also see­ing a lot of sub-optimal set-up within mem­bers’ sites, as though they’ve been built for speed of con­struc­tion rather than speed of oper­a­tion. A lit­tle like film sets, they look great and ready for action, but it is illu­sory, skin deep. It’s not the owner’s fault nec­es­sar­ily, a lot of these were built a few years ago when the world was a slower kinder place. We can see that the pre­sen­ta­tion of the site and the con­tent would have been ago­nised over, but tech­ni­cally it’s still trou­bled. It’s a prob­lem we’re fixing.

The results PlaceMe! are designed to get seem pretty sim­ple — increase enquiries, make the phone ring, but the tech­niques to achieve it are painstak­ing, involved, tech­ni­cal and arcane and yes, that’s a full on man­i­fes­ta­tion of the PITA1 acronym. It’s the rea­son most busi­nesses end up dab­bling their toes in a mar­ket they should be div­ing into. It’s a prob­lem we’re fixing.

We were ini­tially a lit­tle con­cerned that the com­pet­i­tive nature of PlaceMe! was going to put off those we know on the net­work­ing and social cir­cuits; you see there’s no way around it, if we’re work­ing with you, we’re work­ing against your local com­pe­ti­tion. Want to know some­thing inter­est­ing?
It’s a prob­lem we didn’t need to fix.

If you’d like to know why local online mar­ket­ing is impor­tant right now, you can read this post What’s Local in Your Mar­ket­ing Sand­wich?  That post has the same form as the one below, which will get you a com­pe­ti­tion report, and let us know that you maybe want us to fix things, rather than you.

If you use either form, you’ll ben­e­fit from our mates’ rates if you do decide to take up the ser­vice. This is a big deal, espe­cially if you have more than one loca­tion you want to get local with, and espe­cially if you are pre­pared to give us a tes­ti­mo­nial later on. We love testimonials.

N.B. We’re not going to use your info for any­thing else, it’s just to give you early advan­tage.
Bear in mind that it’s a com­pet­i­tive ser­vice so an early expres­sion of inter­est would be advis­able, but right now, you need more detail than this post can hold to make a deci­sion…

  1. A well-used and fre­quently texted acronym for Pain In The Arse
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