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Permission Marketing — a one minute description





This Per­mis­sion Mar­ket­ing guide is the sec­ond in a series to explain mar­ket­ing con­cepts, the first being Rela­tion­ship Mar­ket­ing. The next 60 sec­ond guide will be Inbound Mar­ket­ing, with a final one minute on how every­thing fits together. Per­mis­sion Mar­ket­ing isn’t a strat­egy in itself, you have to attract enough inter­est in the first place to get to ‘per­mis­sion’, but under­stand­ing the moral out­look it drags into play is impor­tant; per­mis­sion is given point by point, it isn’t an agree­ment by prospects allow­ing you to bat­ter them senseless.

Per­mis­sion Mar­ket­ing Video Tran­script
This is the sec­ond of 4 audio blasts about mar­ket­ing meth­ods, the first of which was Rela­tion­ship Marketing.

If Rela­tion­ship Mar­ket­ing is an over­ar­ch­ing strat­egy, what under­pins it? Let’s deal with Per­mis­sion Mar­ket­ing, which you may have heard of, but let’s put it into con­text in 60 sec­onds. The term comes from Seth Godin’s book, Per­mis­sion Mar­ket­ing: turn­ing strangers into friends, and friends into cus­tomers, first pub­lished in 1999, over ten years ago.

The con­cept is sim­ple, in that prospects give you per­mis­sion to keep in touch, typ­i­cally by them sign­ing up to an email list, a web­site or blog mem­ber­ship, or sim­ply by search­ing for infor­ma­tion — When you bang ques­tions into a search engine, you’re giv­ing per­mis­sion for peo­ple to pro­vide you with an answer.

With Per­mis­sion Mar­ket­ing you’re not wast­ing adver­tis­ing and pro­mo­tion on guessed or esti­mated tar­get mar­kets, on peo­ple who may or may not care about what you have to offer. The moment they give you per­mis­sion, you’re much closer to their buy­ing deci­sion. Of course, for them to give you their email address, you’re going to have to give some­thing of value in return.

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