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Tools for Social Networking — where to find them





So you’ve peo­ple fol­low­ing you, and some you’re fol­low­ing, and some who are friends, it’s all get­ting a bit con­fus­ing, and you’re ask­ing your­self where the value is in social net­works, who counts and why. Well then, a few social net­work­ing tools might be welcome.

Have a lit­tle look at to assess the activ­ity and poten­tial of your con­nec­tions across mul­ti­ple out­lets, and for Twit­ter, which will let you know who you are fol­low­ing that is not fol­low­ing you. Er, and vice versa.

In addi­tion, for a list of tools for social media to speed your efforts in real­is­ing the value of those con­nec­tions visit It is a use­ful site, but I’d start research­ing at lunchtime, say around one o’clock, and plan to stop at oh, I don’t know, say one forty… or you’ll be there all day…

Philip Stan­ley

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