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videos.twitter.shjjiwe.com” Twitter DM scam alert





I’ve just received a Direct Mes­sage on Twit­ter from some­one I know, with a link, but all was not well…

  1. It arrived at 5 am — he should have been asleep.
  2. It was a very short mes­sage “hey. look at this”
  3. the link con­nected through to a ‘Twit­ter’ page (i.e. looked exactly the same as Twit­ter) ask­ing for a login

These together all meant I didn’t put in my details, but looked at the source and Googled the domain part of  URL in the link instead.

Had I been busier, and it were in the day­time, and the mes­sage and URL a lit­tle more con­vinc­ing it might have been a dif­fer­ent story. Clearly it has been accept­able for a num­ber of people…

So, DO NOT click through on any links from ANY source that con­tain the “shjjiwe.com” domain, and really think hard about putting details in to a page you end up on from a received link, even if the instruc­tion to go there comes from a seem­ingly trust­wor­thy source.

This has hap­pened on Face­book too (same domain).

Here’s a safe link to get more infor­ma­tion http://www.google.com/search?q=shjjiwe.com

Philip Stan­ley

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