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Examples from Minutecoach clients show the value of Minutecoach's continuing conversation. Picture us with you, spin round in your chair and ask a question, or pose a problem. We know your business intimately, objectively, and in the context of your personal situation, capabilities, preferences, aspirations, and concerns. Coaching is relevant, quick, and results in positive action. Value goes through the roof.

Telephone second opinion on an A5 colour press ad sent to our client by the client’s design firm.

Run-it-past-you on an e-mail before it was sent to a client’s client who wasn’t paying.

Eleventh hour review (literally, nearly midnight) of estimate paperwork going out on a tight budget job.

30 minute initial coaching session, nailed a complete product range (Yes, that one surprised us too).

Quick do-I-understand-this-correctly chat on limits of VOIP vis-a-vis outgoing bandwidth before leading telesales team meeting.

Telephone advice on commissions structure and things to look out for.

Ah. I get it. That's the Big Idea.

We understand free. Someone somewhere pays. Free sessions, free introductory offer, free e-book if ordering ten sessions... We'd rather get going right now. Minutecoach isn't pushing you through a sales funnel, offering low cost product until you get used to spending with us, then moving you to premium services.

No contract. One Flat Rate (whoever you are). A crystal clear charging policy.


Yours. You’re running or starting your own business, or you’re a senior or middleweight manager with professional reputation at stake. Commitment enough. You have skin in the game, you may even feel you have life on hold...

Ours. Given yours, we won’t ask you to sign up to a programme to prove the ‘will to work’ with some minimum fee. If we don’t hold your attention, stop.


Smarts. How it feels, and what you get. Not everything comes right, you won’t tell us everything, we can’t possibly ask everything. So? even with imperfect information we’re really, really good at stopping you getting it wrong.


Relationships. Ours, yours, a living thing. Feed, grow, thrive, wane, fade or die. We have relationships that have lasted years as people move company or role, some last months for a project, some last an hour or two for a workshop.

Plan for a life of 12-18 months, how much we get done is up to you.

“When I want information I get my thoughts together, phone Philip for, say, 5-6 minutes and it's just under a tenner. If I have a really difficult situation a full hour's imput from Philip works out at £100 - great for my budget/cashflow.”
Olivia Woods, Owner, Olivia Woods Coaching

Minutecoach Business Coaching
Bottom Cottage, Ballinger, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, HP16 9LF Business Coaching in Amersham, Chesham, High Wycombe, Aylesbury, Beaconsfield, London and elsewhere by phone.
Minutecoach Limited, Company registration number: 6607618 VAT registration number: 942 8411 21

We want every minute you spend with us to be crammed full of value and interest. We don't need you to commit to a big programme*, we don't want to persuade you. We want to help.

*We are not interested in building programmes and agreements that try and drive effort by imposing limits - the 'use it or lose it' approach to moving clients forward. And we're not going to hold your money while you figure out you should have been working and rush it through, either, oh no. If you're going to pay us, you're just going to have to do the work first...

Minutecoach's method removes as much risk as we can for clients. You won't wonder months on why a bill is 'X', reconciling pounds against past recollection. You won't be concerned with when you'll be getting your money's worth, or be caught with a bigger bill for time that's crept up on you. Why? Minutecoach bills in little pieces. Your cashflow is kept in good order.

Pay as you Go.

Transparent. Value increases as we go, but break or stop when you like. £1.70 a minute is the most you'll pay.

One man band or the full orchestra.

Home, micro or small business, SME owner or plc manager, we bill time not overhead. Budget based on need, not the size of your wad.

Confidential. Your rights.

We expect to hear things you'd rather other people didn't. Your worries, plans, strategy. You keep everything, except the worries.

Work it out Yourself.

  • I skip coffee, and buy a minute instead
  • minutecoach call, we talk, we get on
  • I get email saying I'm all set, the ten minute results are on my secure site, go see
  • Wow, I agree
  • I book 30 'out of hours' minutes to run through other stuff
  • Results, and a plan!
  • So what's first?
  • Cool systems, by the way - could my business use these?

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