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I went to Minutecoach for a web site but I came away with way, way more good stuff!!

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When I started teaching pregnancy yoga classes locally 5 years ago, clients found me very quickly through the local grapevine/word of mouth and I had no problem filling classes. However, over the past year, I noticed that this method of recommendation, while still effective, was no longer sufficient and that people were turning to the web to source yoga teachers.

I approached MinuteCoach to help me with setting up a web site as I had seen some of their previous work and liked what I had seen but after my first meeting, Philip opened my eyes to so much more than just a web site.

He listened to what my business is about, took the time to understand what I was trying to achieve and the final product does not only look great but also reduces my admin, has helped my reputation in my field and of course, filled my classes.

I've also received industry enquiries to have stalls at baby shows, to write magazine articles about pregnancy yoga, and articles about women in small businesses, all of which is very positive industry placing.

image of action planning steps

It was no longer just about designing a web site which was sensitive to my clients needs and which helped to reduce my business admin time. Philip encouraged me to think about my overall business and long term plans and challenged my practices (in a friendly way!) to ensure that I was making the most efficient use of my resources.

He was patient when I needed him to be yet responsive when things needed to be done. He taught me enough technical stuff to enable me to better understand my business yet did not bog me down with too much techy jargon.

He gives me the space I need to run my business yet I know he is only a phone call away when I need him.

In short, Minutecoach has delivered well above my expectations!

Choi van Rest, Choi van Rest Yoga, Oct 2009

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p.s. Modestly, Choi hasn't mentioned she was returning to business after her own pregnancy, having passed all of her clients to other teachers.

For tech bods* out there, over the last 2.5 months Choi’s site has a conversion rate of 17.47% to her waiting lists – visitors who want to be customers.

A young family, big time commitments, no active client list, re-entering a local market with existing businesses. The immediate strategy developed was based on local search, writing copy for directories with a basic response plan and building a new online identity. This returned bookings in a week or so, before a website was made.

*For normal folk, the numbers mean that since June’s launch, classes are full with healthy waiting lists, cash flow is good and planning is on to next steps. All because Choi's worked hard, understood what was required, taken ownership. You can too.

What's Choi had that you might need?

Minutecoach Limited PAYG Business Coaching, silly. Business build strategy, action planning and timeline management, advice and support from selecting domain names and buiding a color palette to developing a voice for marketing online and reputation building, copy editing and writing for online media, business process analysis, pricing and payments advice, image selection, design and programming... Oh, and accelerated set-up of relevant social media, networking, email and payment mechanisms (Minutecoach is happy to help with the nitty gritty).

What's Choi still get now in support?

  • Website hosting (free)
  • Full CMS solution (free)
  • Email list building (free)
  • Project planning (erm, free)
  • Instant coaching access (reassuringly um, reasonable)

Minutecoach only offers web services to coaching clients, so the level of support is higher than most webshops can provide, because Minutecoach insists on your business organising and doing as much of the work as you can.

Tools and techniques are designed for you to take control of your marketing, your copy, your schedule, your design, your customer contact and billing, your online reputation and credibility, building confidence and knowledge for you to take away.

Minutecoach is all about help to build your business.

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