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Philip Stanley and his Minutecoach services have been invaluable to my company during a very difficult period.

The fact that I have remained working with Minutecoach for over 12 months is alone testament to the value I place with his services and approach to supporting businesses. There are many coaching services I have dabbled with, and with some of them the thought of long-term contact (and commitment) is quite scary.

Minutecoach’s philosophy, approach and working manner fit very well with how I work, so it has been a revelation to work with Philip.

I think I have benefited from the complete range of services available from Minutecoach, from arbitration to business planning, from web development to software support. I needed help with all these areas due to a disastrous web development project that affected my entire business. I contacted Minutecoach to help navigate my way through this project and Philip has helped enormously in these key areas:


When you’re a one-man business and hit a major problem as I did, quality independent advice is a god-send. Philip has provided this time and time again. He has helped re-establish confidence, rebuild confidence and become a valued source of business advice.

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Web Development

Aside from business coaching, Minutecoach has stepped in with some very useful web development assistance that I was unable to find elsewhere and which was highly cost effective. This level of practical assistance was both a surprise and a major source of support.

Project Support Tools

Minutecoach introduced me to a number of software programs that have helped realign my business. A lot of these are free; a crucial factor in the current market. These support tools, including CMS, accounting and visualisation systems have been a big benefit to the business.


The way Minutecoach has customised their services to my problems has been fantastic. From a single telephone call (sometimes over the weekend) to full project support, Minutecoach has been able to apply a range of skills tailored to my business’s needs. I know many other coaching services do not have that level of flexibility.

Philip has developed a great business and I would thoroughly recommend using his services and expertise.

Tony Franks, Pocket Films Ltd. Founder & Publisher

Minutecoach Business Coaching
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When you are thoroughly invested in something it can be tough to remain objective and recognise rising risk.

Pocket Films Limited is a successful independent publishing company with over 35 million guides distributed, and is expanding its online activities. The project in place to do this had slowed, then got stuck. Badly enough to prevent the demonstration of ideas and concepts Pocket Films had already developed.

Where do you turn when specialists you hire to deliver seemingly can't and how do you check the information you're receiving is reasonable? How do you move things forward when it seems the other party has lost the will to take a next step and how do you work out whether somebody is operating at the limits of their competency?

We addressed miscommunication as fully as possible, provided new information and source material to improve failing functionality and everything appeared rosier. It became clear as time ticked that elements were beyond the capability or capacity of the group... so we developed those bits, and well, gave them to the group to stick in.

Minutecoach is distinct from other business coaching. Well, most businesses actually in that you pay when work is done. You're not committed to a programme to find out later that you needed something else, or something extra. It's Pay As You Go - which you'll notice has a 'movement' ring about it already...

What's Tony had that you might need?

A confidential, partner-level sounding board for reviewing options and developing possible next steps in difficult circumstances. Sense-checking and contextualisation of information received from other professionals, on request. Independent, business-centric (erm, rather than designer portfolio centric) design analysis and comment. Design of simple back-end procedures and processes for Pocket Films to manage web databases and daily feed updates into a web application, tight budget control and planning... Oh, and accelerated set-up of relevant applications and procedures across ftp, database clients, email feedback applications, CMS etc. with simple walkthrough tutoring so they can do it all themselves.

What's Tony still get now in support?

  • Email Hosting (free)
  • Domain hosting (free)
  • Website hosting (free)
  • Database hosting (free)
  • Full CMS solution (free)
  • Instant coaching access (not free, silly :-)

Minutecoach only offers web services and support to coaching clients. And when it makes sense to do so, we don't shy away from rolling up our sleeves and helping you move on quickly with some very practical help.

We want you to take control of the online business world as simply as possible so you can concentrate your time on planning effectively, making contacts and spending your budgets on marketing, copy, design, and finer services that can make a big difference in building your reputation and credibility with partners and customers.

Minutecoach is about gaining confidence to wake up and get down, not comfort to give up and lie down...

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