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Business coaching solo entrepreneur, corporate professional, solo business owner.

Corporate Professional

“You've made a massive difference. A true from the brink recovery when I was collapsing under work pressure, our conversations have really helped me focus, reset my values and keep it together. I've (finally) realised I can take time for myself and still be everything I'm needed to be.”

Withheld, Aug 2009

Solo Entrepreneur

“I have dabbled with many coaching services, and with some of them the thought of long-term contact (and commitment) is quite scary. Minutecoach’s philosophy, approach and working manner fit very well with how I work, so it has been a revelation to work with Philip.”

Tony Franks, Pocket Films Limited, Sept 2009

Solo Business Owner

“I wrote a testimonial a year ago, still phone to discuss what's happened and what I plan to do, still send contracts and documents for a once-over, and I'm now repositioning our offer too. Having someone I completely trust to share the load and bounce stuff off is very valuable to me.”

Jason Troughton, Agog Special Effects, Oct 2009
Business coaching solo professional, corporate manager, solo business owner.

Solo Professional

“I file Philip under 'My Top 5 Bananas' and I intend to use Philip's expertise on an on-going basis. He has ‘big company’ experience that I can tap into at a moment’s notice. There's no ego and no fluff with Philip... I like that.”

Olivia Woods, Olivia Woods Coaching, Sep 2008

Corporate Manager

“Minutecoach has been superb in helping me realise an idea as a business solution, gaining approval and delivering a beautiful, quality product faster than I could internally. It's lifted my profile in the company and I'd recommend Minutecoach in any manager's creative corporate problem solving; a great secret weapon.”

Withheld, Oct 2009

Solo Business Owner

“I went to Minutecoach for a web site but came away with way more good stuff!! He listened to what my business is about, took the time to understand what I was trying to achieve and the final product does not only look great but also reduces my admin, has helped my reputation in my field and of course, filled my classes.”

Choi van Rest, Choi van Rest Yoga, Oct 2009

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