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Look, I know all this, it's still driving me nuts.

Yes we know it is hard to find a good listener. It can be hard to be one.

Minutecoach is precise and to the point because we listen so well. We are skilled at finding common ground for you and your suppliers, you and your workforce, you and your customers, your partners and yes, you and your competition.

Common ground supports the foundations of your business. Uncommon thinking and business creativity will release it to soar to new heights.


Ideas. Sometimes all you need are ideas. Someone to spark off, you pick the best ones and get on with it. Reassurance and checking that your ideas are valid. Gentle truth telling when they suck.


Sales. Marketing. Advertising. Profit up, costs down. Stock control. CRM and project control. Time management. Strategy, plans, and perfect pitches.


Processes. They can kill or cure your business. Take a step back, and look. Harmony or discord, repetitive or repeatable. When they walk into your shop, when they walk out. When you answer the phone, when they order. Or when you leave for the day. Or the week, or the month. Well, maybe even 3 months (as if!).

Minutecoach Business Coaching
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“Clearly nobody can be expert enough in everything needed to succeed in modern business, I shall just parcel it all out to experts*...” Er, we think not.

*If you've attended motivational seminars and fed on best seller fever in the Lifestyle lists you can be forgiven for believing that anyone can outsource life and generate passive income whilst sipping Martinis. Stop for a minute, and check your context. Many post-success, seductive arguments are supported by a single-mindedness and serendipity that are not standard issue. Someone, somewhere, has work to do. There's no Secret in that.

We'll help you build on your skills and aptitudes to better control stuff you need to keep close, and give you knowledge and confidence to marshall the troops for everything else. But you'll have to work at it...


What we help you do, complete stuff. Close. We reduce commitments. We simplify, even chuck stuff. What do you really have to do today?


Leap. Constrict. We set you free by helping you keep things in check. Your route travelled is all documented for you. A base to spring from.


Go crazy, live a little. We help you to see around curves so you can speed up on the straights, and we give better throttle control.

Ask Yourself.

  • what IS wrong with this proof
  • suitable commission structure
  • what the hell happened there
  • can’t believe they didn’t go for it
  • tenth time I’ve done this
  • what stock level again
  • how on earth do I explain that
  • I need a name - and I need to tell everybody
  • need a website, must have a website
  • How do I motivate my team - again!

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