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I dont have time for 'Coaching' as well.

Take time for coaching. It will enhance your decision making, focus your strategy and direct your effort for maximum benefit. We know time is of the essence so Minutecoach offers definitive coaching by the minute.

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Minutecoach uses best of breed collaborative Web services to support you rather than some "lure you, lock you, never let you leave" toolset. You'll leave with new techniques, new tools and assets intact, rather than leaving your assets behind.

“Minutecoach introduced me to a number of software programs that have helped realign my business.”
Tony Franks, Owner and Publisher, Pocket Films Limited

Online billing and accounts, business planning, time management, booking, project management, social media and networking, CRM, diagramming, reviewing, brainstorming, e-commerce, websites, weblogs and all things Google. We reduce your research, up understanding and help to manage expectation...

We'll help you use these for your business, because we’d rather you pay for ideas and pragmatic advice than splash out on servers and over the top software. Um, well, unless the advice is that you should splash out on servers and software.

“But the only tools I need are pencil, paper, phone.”

Hardcore! Those around you probably need all the help they can get, so our helping them helps you. You’re right though; we do our best work by phone too.

“I was joking. I'm not always on the phone.”

Aha! We weren’t. Minutecoach work with owners, directors and senior personnel welded to their phone, improving the view into their business and building a more responsive organisation, confident and willing to take on responsibility.

“I wasn’t joking. I can't be seen to be helped.”

Smile. For most of your coaching delivery you needn’t ever see a bill or write a cheque. We’ll be writing it all down for you and when you have time you can reflect upon your incredible journey. You will have time. We promise.

Minutecoach Business Coaching
Bottom Cottage, Ballinger, Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, HP16 9LF Business Coaching in Amersham, Chesham, High Wycombe, Aylesbury, Beaconsfield, London and elsewhere by phone.
Minutecoach Limited, Company registration number: 6607618 VAT registration number: 942 8411 21

Clients get access to particularly cool web 2.0* tools. Neither we, nor you, should have to fish through more lint in the email inbox to get work done.

*I was so hoping you wouldn't ask. We've written Web 2.0 as that's what you will have heard, but there is always debate about what exactly a web 2.0 application is, with so many claiming to be web 2.0 applications. For some, web 2.0 is just jargon. It's a circular argument that we'd look to avoid. We'd give links, but don't want to waste your time. We just use the ones that work.

There is a huge choice of collaborative, time-saving, reputation enhancing, organisational tools that are of real bottom line benefit to small business, solo professionals, corporate professionals and teams. Using them can make people happy... honest. And if you are head of a department or business officer for part of a larger group you shouldn't give up hope. Minutecoach put together a business solution for part of a £500 million pound group, brokering a very cool web app through procurement, the IT department, etc.

No learning curve.

We don’t expect you to be an expert. If you want sessions on your iPod, great, but coaching is about you and your business, not the tech. We put it in, to make it disappear.

We structure. It appears easy. It is.

We do the minimum possible coaching and intervention to secure benefit. Super lean to keep lithe and keen. We expect you to change your mind, often. No big set pieces.

We bend rules.

Pencil, paper, phone. All progress process. We all make mistakes improvements if we can. We limit errorr. You’re not on your own. We'll help you really use that phone.

Treat Yourself.

  • Share the campaign copy writing
  • e-commerce solution
  • spritz the website
  • start the plan
  • kill the website
  • start the weblog
  • clear a backlog
  • find someone to do that
  • start the plan
  • sharpen a pencil
  • check that proposal
  • do some team building thingammy
  • dump the accounts package
  • start the plan
  • find a billing system.

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